**Every breakfast is served with fruit/juice/milk
**Every lunch is served with fruit/milk

Friday March 1st

Breakfast: Pizza

Lunch: Green Eggs and Ham   (Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss)

Monday March 4th

Breakfast:  Cereal, toast

Lunch: Lasagna rolls, garlic bread

Tuesday March 5th

Breakfast: Yogurt parfaits, toast

Lunch:  Shredded Turkey, & Sandwich

Wednesday March 6th

Breakfast:  Oatmeal, Toast

Lunch:  Chili, cinnamon roll

Thursday March 7th

Breakfast:  Cinnamon roll, cereal

Lunch:  Hamburger gravy, mashed potato,vegetable

Friday March 8th

Breakfast:  Breakfast sandwich

Lunch:  French toast, sausage, hash browns

Monday March 11th

Breakfast:  Cereal, toast

Lunch:  Chicken Patty, fries

Tuesday March 12th

Breakfast:  Omelets

Lunch:  Dunkers, marina sauce

Wednesday March 13th

Breakfast:  Yogurt, English muffins

Lunch:  Chicken noodle soup & Sandwich

Thursday March 14th

Breakfast:   Blueberry muffins, cereal

Lunch:  Turkey gravy, mashed potato, dinner roll

Friday March 15th

Breakfast:  Long John, cereal

Lunch:  Pizza, salad

Monday March 18th

Breakfast:  Cereal, toast

Lunch:  Hamburgers, fries

Tuesday March 19th

Breakfast:  French Toast, Sausage,

Lunch:  Tater tot hotdish, corn

Wednesday March 20th

Breakfast:  Oatmeal, Toast

Lunch:  Ham, baked potato

Thursday March 21st

Breakfast: Persian Roll, cereal 

L=Taco & fixings, rice

 Friday March 22nd


        ****END OF 3RD QUARTER

Breakfast:  Pizza     

Lunch:  subs, salad


Monday March 25th

B=Cerea, Toast

L=Corn dogs, baked beans

Tuesday March 26th

B=Waffles, sausage

L=Chicken alfredo noodles, bread stick

Wednesday March 27th

B=Hard boiled eggs, toast


Thursday March 28th

B=Blueberry muffins, cereal

L=Turkey gravy, mashed potato

Friday March 29th

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